What is the project about?

Initially a pilot with BA (Hons) Fine Art, this project has come out of a need to introduce students to blogging as a means of transformative reflective practice and provide a tool to allow them to communicate both within and outside the studio environment.

Why are we undertaking it?

Students work through their time at Falmouth without a grounding in the various social media tools that often prove vital for networking, communication and promotion of their work. This should be embedded within courses from the moment students arrive and ET should be promoting best practice in creating communities and providing the conduit for communication and development in this area.

The form should take an online open access programme, protected for Fine Art students and then opened to all if the pilot proves successful.

The Project should also seek to establish a Framework for Falmouth University in teaching with Social Media and a series of OER guides be produced to encourage teaching staff to utilise Social Media within their practice.

Who’s involved?

Mark Williams – Learning Technologist
Patrick Seery – Learning Technologist
Gillian Wylde – Lecturer, BA Fine Arts
Hilary Water – Educational Development Lecturer

What will the project achieve?

We will create and deliver a training program that engages with all 3 stages of BA Hons Fine Art, gives a background in use of social media and provides task based workshops for experimenting in the field. It will be measured by activity reporting within Learning Space and feedback forms throughout the instructional process.

When is the project taking place?

September 2013 – September 2014

Where can I find out more?

Learning Space course

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