What is the project about?

We want to be considering the Virtual Learning Environment as an approach to teaching and learning, not a system or piece of software and not a replacement to the classroom or studio, but something that is complementary and seamless. To do this we must establish a process that allows us to constantly review the online learning environment at Falmouth and adapt well to external and internal influences.

Why are we undertaking it?

As a Creative Arts HEI, we are aware that traditional, centralised learning management systems are not always the most appropriate for the contexts in which we learn and teach.The online learning environment is rapidly changing as technology becomes more affordable and available to us. We need to not only be able to facilitate these  technologies within our teaching and learning landscape, but also to be adaptable to change. To do this we must understand the contexts in which our teachers and learners go about their practice.

Who’s involved?

Educational Technology
Teaching Staff

What will the project achieve?

The outcome of the project will be that all learning and teaching at Falmouth is adequately and appropriately supported by technology and this is seamlessly integrated with other core Falmouth systems.

When is the project taking place?

Phase 1- Assessment of current provision and state of market report. Jan 14 – July 14
Phase 2 – Rapid testing and small scale deployment of tools within the various academic departments.

Where can I find out more information ?

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