What is the project about?

Working with students and staff on BA Photography module PHO260 – Technologies, Techniques and Professional Practice, we are exploring Slack as a tool to facilitate communication and sharing of research between staff and students working on a live brief.

The community takes the form of an online space, which utilises team communication platform, Slack to connect students and staff to each other whilst they are out in the field. The platform facilitates connection to additional communication platforms, whilst maintaining a single space in which they connect.

Why are we undertaking it?

Students undertake a live client brief or work placement each year, and part of the assessment includes feeding back on the experience, skills and knowledge gained. Online tools enable real time communication, so that this feedback mechanism does not solely have to reside in the seminar room and facilitates knowledge gathering and sharing amongst a professional community that are fragmented in terms of their locality. We are introducing Slack to complement the feedback process and further explore a widely adopted tool within creative industries.

Who’s involved?

Mark Williams – Learning Technologist
Andreas Sterzing – Associate Lecturer PHO260

What will the project achieve?

Using a popular online communication tool in this way enables staff and student to gain a greater degree of literacy in aspects of technology that relate to their professional practice. Feedback will be collected from staff and students on their experience in relation to using other tools and the Virtual Learning Environment (Learning Space). The project will also act as a pilot to inform future guidance from Educational Technology.

When is the project taking place?

December 2014 – April 2015

Where can I find out more?

Ask if you’d like to talk more about the project.

Project Implimentation Review by Mark Williams

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