What are your choices?

The following options are available to all modules, please note Option A will greatly benefit our students:

Option A – fresh start

ET will help you get the best out of the new Learning Space by offering:

  1. Consultation
  2. Best practice guidance
  3. Providing a USB Stick with pre-existing content
  4. Providing a clean module ready to go
  5. Training to suit your needs
  6. Continued one-to-one sessions as usual

Option B – bring your old module structure

We will try to make it fit by offering:

  1. Best Practice guidance
  2. You will inherit all your old files (including unwanted data)
  3. Training to suit your needs
  4. Continued one-to-one sessions

Whilst we will endeavour to find you and help you through this change, please make contact with Damien to schedule the best time to suit you and your team.


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