Those of you that are accessing the new Learning Space will be noticing that we’ve applied our first round of functionality improvements. Our Learning Information Designer has been working feverishly behind the scenes making the overall experience much clearer and more intuitive.

In our example module (shown after the jump), you’ll notice a few of the changes we’ve applied

In the the left side menu we’ve introduced a new menu to allow users to navigate the module by week or topic. This will come into its own at a later date when we switch to sideways navigation as opposed to the old ‘scroll of death’ top down navigation.

The right side tab in blue opens up our knowledge base. From now you won’t have to go anywhere else to ask a question or browse to see if your query has been answered by someone else. Awesome-o!


Next up you’ll see what we’ve done with editing.


Click on “Turn Editing On” and you’ll be presented with some chunky new buttons that make it easy to see what it is that you are making a change to. “Edit this section” takes you into the week/topic editor and “Add an Activity or Resource” still does what it says on the tin. Simples!

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