Here we are basking in the heat. Not of a much promised, though ultimately undelivered late summer, but in the toasty afterglow of a gift received. No, no – not a pen for signing up to a Michael-Parkinson-approved insurance package, but a genuine token of appreciation, from walking-talking people. Unexpected, and therefore doubly registered in the recognition of.

Russell from Digital Media BA (hons) came visiting and bearing gifts. (See the photo, taken at our Penryn Campus studio.) In appreciation of assistance given over the Summer during ’The Move’. We helped out here and there, and quality beer followed, to keep those at the coal-face refreshed. Thanks Digital Media.


I’ll leave you with an appropriate quote from a Frenchman, which sums up how we feel.

By appreciation, we make excellence in others our own property.” – Voltaire. (He could really write you know? Plus he invented electricity!)

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