What is the project about?

In partnership with Falmouth’s BA
(Hons) Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management course, we are
piloting open source online communication tools to support students in
cross institutional communication and collaboration.

Why are we undertaking it?

University offers an increasingly diverse portfolio of academic
disciplines across two main campuses with a variety of teaching and
learning spaces. The ET team often receive requests about supporting
collaborative projects across departments, so as a means to promote clear
and transparent communication amongst students, Educational Technology
propose to implement a pilot study over a year period that address the
desire to improve collaborative practice.

Who’s involved?

Dwayne Roberts, MTEM student
Mark Williams, Learning Technologist

What will the project achieve?

online platform that students can use to identify and promote and
exchange skill and start to form projects by identifying timeframe and
available dates.

When is the project taking place?

May 2015- MAY 2016 with recommendations for implementation in March 2016

Where can I find out more?

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