Project update: 18 Sept-1 Oct

With the academic year now underway, students are logging into Learning Space, checking their modules, accessing sign-ups and downloading lecture notes and handouts. By now your modules should be compliant against our audit criteria but if you’re having difficulties please get in touch using our contact information below.

As logins have increased, as have the number of questions that the team have been receiving. Please find some of their questions below:

Q) I can log in but I can’t see my modules.

A) Students will be able to log in once they have completed enrolment. If they can’t see any of their modules then you will need to contact student records to ensure that they have been assigned to their modules. Once this has been completed it will take a few hours to update in Learning Space.

Q) I can’t access MyTimetable, MyFalmouth, or my email.

A) These aren’t systems that the Educational Team directly supports but a great place to direct students to is the portal. Here they can find all of the information they will need for the duration of their time here at Falmouth.

Q) How can I access another school’s resource page?

A) We recently contacted school admins to remind course coordinators to link to the resource pages of other schools that students frequently use. For example, for a student in Fine Art to access the Institute of Photography’s resource page, the Fine Art course coordinator will need to add a link to it from the Fine Art course page. All of the links can be found in our technical resource guide.

Please be sure to point your students to our Learning Space guides or access them by clicking the question mark in the top right of the page.

We have also been receiving lots of requests from staff needing to be added to modules in Learning Space. Don’t forget, as a member of staff you can add another staff member to any page you have access to or you can ask your course coordinator or school admin.

If you need any support with Learning Space, the Educational Technology team is on hand to answer any questions and hold 1 to 1 sessions, please simply email for more information.

Project update: 24 Jul – 6th Aug

The Home Stretch

Whilst we have all been distracted by football coming home, heat waves and barbecues, August has crept up on us and we are just less than a month away before the new Learning Space will go live. Don’t forget, the ET team will be running a second audit in the middle of the month so you still have a week or so to make any changes before they’re reviewed.

Support For Updating Your Modules

Whilst we appreciate that many of our colleagues are on leave at this time of year, rest assured members of the ET team will be around throughout August to answer questions, visit your team and provide prompt feedback on modules for you – all you need to do is ask! The best way to contact the team is For anyone returning later in the month or early September, we will also be running the support sessions below:


  • Tue 28th, 9:00 – 17:00 – Penryn – TH Seminar W
  • Wed 29th, 9:00 – 17:00 – Penryn – TH Seminar W
  • Thurs 30th, 9:00 – 17:00 – Falmouth – Seminar F (Treetops)


  • Tue 4th, 9:00 – 17:00 – Penryn – Exchange Blue
  • Wed 5th, 9:00 – 17:00 – Falmouth – Seminar F (Treetops)
  • Thurs 6th, 9:00 – 17:00 – Penryn – Exchange Blue

Support Guides

The Learning Space upgrade has provided us with a great opportunity to review and redevelop the support documentation that staff can use to get to grips with different elements of Learning Space. Learning Space comes with everything needed to help support students with their studies while at Falmouth and we would highly recommend exploring some of the activities below to help enhance teaching.

 Activity  What is it?  Guide
 Workshop  A peer assessment tool built into Learning Space that allows students to upload work and have other students review it.  View
 Database  A collection of data about a specific topic that both students and staff can contribute to. For example records of information about famous artists, links to favourite animated films and more.  View
Wiki  Similar to Wikipedia, a blank collection of pages that both students and staff can contribute to. The tool could be used to create a collection of tutorials or as a development blog.  View

Theme deployment

In our last post we gave you a sneak peak of what the new Learning Space will look like. The eagle-eyed amongst us may have noticed the ‘collapse all’ button which confirms that sections in the new Learning Space can be collapsed and expanded. This will provide a simpler navigation for users accessing the Learning Space on their mobile phone and is helpful for modules and resource pages which contain a lot of information!


Project Update: 1 May – 14 May

Have You Booked Your Place?

Later this week we will begin granting staff access to the new Learning Space! To use the new Learning Space you must first attend one of our introductory sessions running throughout May/June. All courses now have their own time slot booked with the ET team so please speak to your course coordinator if you are unsure when yours is due to take place.

Action Required

Don’t forget, from September 3rd access to the current Learning Space will be disabled and you must move all of your module content to the new site before then! Our Learning Space sessions are designed to make this transition as smooth as possible and it is therefore vital that you attend.

Drop-in Sessions

As outlined in our last post, we will also be running support sessions throughout June for anyone who requires extra support. At the end of each session we will be providing everyone with Learning Space cheat sheets to help get you started.

Improving User Experience

We have worked hard recently on improving the user experience for staff and students within the new Learning Space. This has involved ensuring its design is in-line with University branding as well as carrying out user testing.

The new Learning Space removes some of the technical limitations of the old system as well as offering a range of new features. For example we are exploring the new ability to help students navigate the site through the use of user tours – a method of efficiently drawing students attention to key information on first sign in.

If you have any questions regarding this project then please contact