MA Fine Art online Graduate Showcase – Lighting the Beacons 

Lighting the Beacons Showcase Screenshot

I have found that Falmouth’s MA Fine Art online is always a fascinating concept to anyone unfamiliar with online learning. The common depiction of Fine Art students at HE level is so entwined with the idea of the paint-smeared physical studio, where every wall is plastered with sketches hung from masking tape, that the transposition of this … Continue reading “MA Fine Art online Graduate Showcase – Lighting the Beacons “

Reviewing National Teaching Fellow Applications – My Story

  This year was my first time reviewing National Teaching Fellow (NTF) applications. I have previously reviewed the Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence (CATE) awards, which celebrates teamwork and collaboration, whilst the NTF celebrates sustained professional practice in learning and teaching.   The purpose of the National teaching fellow scheme is to recognise, reward and celebrate … Continue reading “Reviewing National Teaching Fellow Applications – My Story”

Hello from the Digital Learning Team

Welcome to the new Academic year. We will be doing regular posts to bring you updates on our staff, our technologies, upcoming workshops and resources and key themes from the digital technologies sector.   Our first update is focused on introducing the team with a big friendly hello from all of us 🙂 Our team is … Continue reading “Hello from the Digital Learning Team”

Update to Talis resource lists in Learning Space

Following an update by Talis to the resource/reading list deployment tool for all virtual learning environments, Digital Learning have recently updated the Talis Aspire Resource Management deployment tool within Learning Space. How you add your resource lists in Learning Space for Study Block 1 23/24 onwards has changed. The update does not affect new or … Continue reading “Update to Talis resource lists in Learning Space”

Learning Space Tips & Tricks

It’s been great getting feedback on the new Learning Space design since we upgraded on the 4th. We’ve been taking on board any feedback and answering questions where they’ve arisen. As a result we figured it could be useful to share some tips and tricks. Customising your view of modules Following the recent upgrade to … Continue reading “Learning Space Tips & Tricks”

Advantages of Panopto

On July 10th 2023, Panopto will go live for Falmouth University.  At Falmouth we have had a long-running gap in our digital toolset for a dedicated video and audio hosting platform that provides proper integration with Learning Space and Falmouth Learn, and can facilitate student submissions without resorting to external tools  Panopto is the market … Continue reading “Advantages of Panopto”

What’s new in Learning Space?

Learning Space login page.

Falmouth Learning Space will be undergoing a major upgrade in the summer. This update focuses on major user experience improvements – a redesigned visual experience. What’s changed? Improved Accessibility Learning Space is powered by Moodle 4 which underwent an accessibility audit against the WCAG 2.1 AA standard and achieved formal accreditation, announced in May 2023.  … Continue reading “What’s new in Learning Space?”

How ThingLink is used in the Fashion and Textiles Institute: a practical example

In a previous post, we explored the benefits of ThingLink – a very handy application available to staff at Falmouth University. It supports course teams in creating learning resources with interactive images, videos and 360° media. In this post, Digital Learning’s Hamish Adams meets Jill Weeks from the Fashion and Textiles Institute who has been using … Continue reading “How ThingLink is used in the Fashion and Textiles Institute: a practical example”

Why you should be using ThingLink to revitalise your existing learning content 

In this article Digital Learning’s Hamish Adams takes a good look into how ThingLink can be used to organise your existing learning content, improve interactivity, extend its lifespan, free up your time AND improve student engagement. Tall order? Not at all.  Since 2020 there has been a plethora of educational technologies that claims to make … Continue reading “Why you should be using ThingLink to revitalise your existing learning content “