Introducing TeamET+


Part of our function is working in collaboration with our academic departments to support  appropriate use and research of technology in learning and teaching. Some of these projects might prove beneficial to and benefit from the input of other team and individuals. 

When these projects are in review, the questions we often return to are “How do we share these great and innovative practices within the institution?” and “How can we get other people involved?”

The recent staff survey reported that “70% of respondents say, on the whole, the different parts of the University do not communicate effectively with each other”

So as a response to these questions and concerns, let us introduce you to TeamET+ 

Team ET+ documents our current and past collaborations within and external to Falmouth University. With a simple breakdown of the What, Why, Who, When and Where of each project accompanied by relevant multimedia and documents, we aim to make it easy to understand who to talk to and how to get involved with our collaborative work.

If you’re working on a learning or teaching project that might benefit from advice and support in using technology get in contact.