Group texting/SMS

We’ve updated the Student SMS functionality in Learning Space to facilitate sending of group texts.

So if students have added their mobile numbers to their profile and you have groups set up in the course/module you will be able to send a text to a group.

You might use this to contact project/year groups and each message is logged, so you have a history of the text and when the text was sent. Contact the team for more information on getting Student SMS set up.

Contextual help in Learning Space

You might have noticed the little addition we’ve made to Learning Space in the form of a pool ball style question mark in the bottom right of the page.


Clicking on this will bring up a side menu that allows you to search the Learning Space support documentation without leaving the page you are working on. 

You are also able to view zoomed in images and play videos whilst you go about the business of uploading files or editing the page.


It’s early days for the new functionality and we hope to add some more features in the near future, but we think you’ll agree that it’s helpful addition.

For anyone interested, the tool we’re using is and it’s providing access to our support documentation hosted on freshdesk.

Office Move

As part of a series of moves on the Falmouth Campus Educational Technology have relocated to Tannachie.

If you fancy a popping in to say hi, we’d warmly welcome you over for a cup of tea and a catch up.

Learning Space Automatic Subscriptions

Students are now added to their modules on Learning Space automatically. Information is being fed through from SITS (the student information system) to identify students’ modules and add them to their accounts; they will see them listed on the My Modules tab after they login.

What this means:

Students are reliably added to the modules on Learning Space and are no longer required to self-subscribe to see and engage with activities online. It also means that any communication through the modules on Learning Space will be delivered to them as long as they are fully enrolled through SITS.

What this doesn’t mean:

Students will still need to add Course Pages and Technical Resource areas to their accounts by self-subscribing to them.


Resource Lists, Recent Activity & Mobile Improvements

This update sees the introduction of a resource list block within Learning Space, the block provides links to the resources which have been recommended to assist study in each module and can be found on the right of a module page. 


A recent activity button has also been introduced to the right of each module page which allows all to see what recent changes have taken place within a module. 


Additionally we’ve made some adjustments with the mobile version of Learning Space which will improve navigation using the side menu.