Never Too Late

You’re lying on a beach, eyes wide shut, coloured flashes fizz & ping across your eyelids. Turquoise wavelets lap over a crescent of baking, white sand. Your frosted glass, chinking with ice, is raised unsteadily and docked to your parched lips. You gulp back half a tumbler, greedily. Life is good, and you deserve this… Too good, perhaps. Somewhere deep in the foggy nethers of your soft-boiled brain, is a concern that will not be silenced. 

Did I leave the iron on, face down over fireworks? Or the dog in the back of the car at Gatwick multi-storey? Is one of the kids missing? Have you counted them since you arrived? Seen them? Do you even have any kids??” But no… It’s nothing – you reassure yourself, settling back down. 

Several sunbathers look on, bemused, when you leap onto the hot sand like a scalded cat. The truth has arrived – a diamond bullet through your cortex!


I forgot to move my Learning Space!!!”

* * *

Relax. Keep working on the mahogany tan. We’re here throughout the summer, and never more than a phone call away. So don’t be a stranger, speed-dial ET (not the lovable, fugly movie star) and ask us to help. Even if you don’t know who or what ET is (again, not the stumpy guy with lights for fingers). Educational Technology – we’re here all summer. 

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