What is the project about?

As part of the Supercrafted initiative, In The Frame explores ways in which craft practitioners can use the Internet to better communicate with audiences.

Why are we undertaking it?

The artists statement, traditionally in written format is displayed alongside the work. Through use of video and digital technologies, such as QR codes, this statement can potentially be made more accessible and in a format that may be more personal boith to the artist and the audience.

Who’s involved?

Dr. Isabelle Risner – Supercrafted Research Assistant
Amy Sampson – Learning Technologist
Mark Williams – Learning Technologist

What will the project achieve?

Practitioners work will be documented online at and a series of QR codes will be generated and etched onto wooden cards to display alongside work. Through digital media we might redefine the traditional artist statement.

When is the project taking place?

March – June 2013

Where can I find out more?

Take a look at the  project website

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