What is the project about?

Working with BT and Superfast Broadband for Cornwall, this project is testing the functionality of Superfast by delivering a short writing course to villages in Cornwall.

Why are we undertaking it?

We need to further explore how superfast infrastructure can support links between and within rural communities and universities and explore sustainability of the project through developing local networks of knowledge production.

Who’s involved?

See UOTV Project Site

What will the project achieve?

The main objective for ET will be to support the project by developing a Tumblr site for the project and the villages. Through guidance and support, we will help the project evolve and define interactions with users. This will be supported by a range of re-usable open educational resources that encourage deeper learning engagement through exploring and developing digital literacies.

When is the project taking place?

October 2014 – March 2015

Where can I find out more?

See UOTV Project Site

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