The metaphorical truck of Educational Technology careered into Falmouth University’s, Exchange Building today; with Damien, Mark and Oliver in the front seat presenting staff with tea, cakes, festive cheer and the opportunity to find out more about the state of the art within Educational Technology and what lies ahead.


 Some really interesting and engaging discussions arose around collaboration, social media, the Internet of Things, video instruction, this years Horizon Report and some of the Projects that the team have been involved in over the past year. We dug out the Apple TV and discussed new ways that Apple supports presentation in the teaching environment and dotted about some post-it notes to find out how staff are making use of technology and what get’s in the way of the day to day. 


 We also took the opportunity to gauge opinion on the formation of a discussion group to share some of the apps we use on our phones and tablets and it’s an overall positive response, so watch this space for an announcement in the new year as to where and when!

 Thanks to all who took the time to attend and we look forward to working with you on some of the exciting projects that come out of these events.


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