Team ET have recently been considering how to get the best use from our data analytics so when JISC recently invited ideas for small projects to explore the advanced use of learning analytics we were ready to join in!

With a focus on retention and attainment JISC were hoping for projects that would take the use of learning analytics a step further than usual … maybe using data sources not normally consulted or exploring the use of learning analytics in activities that would build upon the current understanding in this field.

We felt this was a great opportunity to build upon work we will be doing next academic year, which involves supporting the co-creation of innovative, interactive resources by students and staff on the BA in Business Entrepreneurship. Students on this course have a large amount of theory to digest and then put into practice, Team ET were approached to see if we could help make this content more accessible and palatable! By incorporating the use of learning analytics we hope to provide students with an insight into how the resources they help create are being used as well providing teaching staff with information regarding how students work through the new resources. The hope is students will be active participants from the design of the resources right up to the analysis of their effectiveness, with data from learning analytics informing and guiding the process.

Ideas were all to be voted on by members of the learning analytics network with the top 6-10 ideas being invited to pitch at the network meeting in Nottingham on 24th June.

This week we received the fantastic news that the idea Team ET submitted has been shortlisted and Mark will be travelling to Nottingham next week to deliver our pitch. JISC aim to fund just three projects and we’re up against some great potential projects. Details about all the shortlisted ideas can be found on the JISC analytics blog, wish us luck!!

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