Mapping Experience, Expectations and CPD

Educational Technology were recently invited to host a session as part of the Lunch and Talk series. In this session we discussed current initiatives we are working on as well as a brief summary of the last academic year.

We finished the session with a mapping activity. We wanted to get participants thinking about learning technology from different perspectives and using post-it’s asked them to make contributions to these areas. We included examples of the types of comments we’d like to see to give an idea.

We asked all to map the following:


Experience – Your experiences of teaching and technology, within Falmouth and external to it. Courses you’ve attended, things you’ve seen implemented or discussed at conferences.

Example: I’ve seen lists of tweets at HEA conference and I’d like to use it. Tagboard

Expectation – Your expectations on the students for the ways they should be using technology, i/e – assessment methods, resources accessed. Students expectations, what technologies do you feel they expect to be using at University.

Example: Many of my students have mobiles, I’d like to help them utilise them. Digital Student project.

CPD – What opportunities are out there for supporting use of learning technologies, what would you like to have made available for you.

Example: I find it difficult to attend scheduled sessions, but I’d like to broaden my skill-set. Video resources/10 min CPD.

We had a positive response to the session and would definitely suggest it as a method to gauge staff and student opinions. A selection of the responses include:


“Need easier ways of sharing information on Learning Space (VLE) – e.g share button”

“Mixed…different courses use it (VLE) more or less effectively.”


“An assumption that all students are tech savvy”

“That staff are current”

“Face to face contact with academics and peers”


“Windows 10 – students are arriving with laptops with this on”

“How to create interactive flowcharts”

Taking these responses into account we can aim to ensure that staff have the resources and tools to meet expectation, experience and CPD demands.

If you would like us to come and run a similar session with your course team, please get in touch.