Inbuilt within Learning Space is the option of multiple reports that track activity within a module page. This monitoring feature can be particularly useful if you are wanting to gain an insight into the popularity of content or to track use of a activity, such an assessment hand-in point.


Tracking engagement and module activity helps teaching staff to reflect on the activities and resources made available to students through the learning environment. As an example using the Activity report academic staff are able to check the amount of views per resource, along with most last accessed information. Using this information staff are able to assess and evaluate content, in addition to keeping resources current.

Reports can also be used to track an individual’s engagement, highlighting their activity or actions of a specific resource. Additionally real time reports are available should you need specific information, detailed to the minute they are particularly useful for monitoring online assessment.

Should you wish to make use of the report function within Learning Space we’ve created a guide to give an overview of all the options available, and as always the team are on hand to advise if you have any questions or queries.

Guide – Using Reports to Evaluate Module Content

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