In this post we’d like to bring your attention to an exciting MURAL opportunity available to all Falmouth University staff.

It’s been over 4 months since the Digital Learning team first introduced MURAL as a teaching and learning tool to staff at Falmouth. With the move to blended-delivery, MURAL was identified as an excellent tool for facilitating collaboration between staff and students. In a nutshell, MURAL provides a blank canvas for users to brainstorm ideas, sketch prototypes and source responses as a group around particular themes. If you’d like to know more about the tool, we have an excellent MURAL for Teaching Purposes guide to get you started.

At the time of writing we have a massive 62 modules using MURAL. For almost all of these modules, a member of the Digital Learning team has met with the module leader to discuss the proposed use of MURAL and offer ongoing training and support. If you’re interested in using MURAL for your module, please register your interest using our Additional T&L Tools request form.

We’re committed to helping staff to continue to get the most out of MURAL, and now we are very excited to announce that MURAL’s Transformation Manager for Education, Sasha Rappaport – will be joining us on Wednesday 14th April for a MURAL workshop and surgery session! This is an amazing opportunity to speak with MURAL themselves and receive training and support as well as to ask any questions.

In the first half of the session 2-3pm, Sasha will be running a workshop perfect for beginners or those who’d like a refresher on MURAL’s basics. This will give you the confidence to use MURAL to support your own modules as well as for personal productivity purposes. We understand that this is an incredibly busy time for everyone so the second segment of the session 3-4pm is optional, but it will be a great chance to ask any specific question or ideas you have.

To book your slot in the workshop please use our workshop booking form. We can’t wait to see you there!

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